The Last Book Haul Of 2014 & A Summary Of The Year’s Bookish Expenditures

It’s hard to believe the year is about to end and December has gone by that fast. Already, Christmas feels like weeks ago instead of just a few days what with the anticipation of the New Year. But before 2015 approaches, I think it’s only appropriate that I share my last book haul of 2014!

This one is a pretty meagre haul compared to my huge ones months ago, I know. I did very little book shopping and didn’t really get books as presents for Christmas. I received mostly cash, and I’m saving that for next year. Anyhow, here are the final books I’m adding to my shelves as the year ends:

book haul 29

From PBT Christmas Party
Pretty Sly by Elisa Ludwig
Playlist For The Dead by Michelle Falkoff
Messenger Of Fear by Michael Grant
Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

For Review
The Queen Of The Tearling by Erika Johansen
(Thank you, Fullybooked!)

sonnets shakespeare and essential dickinson

Essential Dickinson by Joyce Carol Oates
The Complete Sonnets by William Shakespeare


Digital Purchases
Last Will And Testament by Dahlia Adler
All Broke Down by Cora Carmack

Famous In Love by Rebecca Serle – Audible

With that, I want to look back on all the book shopping I did through 2014 by summarizing my yearly bookish expenditures. I shared before how I recorded my spending on books– I totally kept that up. This is my final account:

2014 Bookish Expenditures Summary

Total money spent in 2014: ₱32,306 ($734)
No. of Books Bought: 100
No. of Bought Books Read: 39
No. of Bargain Books Bought: 30
Total Savings From Regular Discounts: ₱3,956 ($90) – excludes bargain discounts

I BOUGHT 100 BOOKS IN 2014. This excludes digital purchases, of course, but it’s still a very high number. I only read like two-fifths of those books I bought which means I’ll have so many unread books from 2014 on my 2015 TBR. Oh god. In my defense, I got many bargain books and more than 10% discount on the rest- I couldn’t resist that, could I?

I probably need to cut back on my book buying especially since my TBR is already unmanageable but I promise nothing. I’m eyeing too many 2015 book releases to ever declare a book buying ban next year. I’m honestly quite excited to haul more books in 2015. We’ll see how that goes. ;)

Over to you my dear readers- which books did you get/receive over the holidays? How many books in total did you buy this year? (Is my hundred book purchase crazy or what?!)

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  1. DANG 100 BOOKS? Wow girl. You got lots of book worlds to dive into! I only bought around 10 books this 2014 and I’m so happy! Next year, I plan on only buying around 5 books and I think I can actually do it because I haven’t been in the mood to buy books for a really long time. I’ll finish up my ARCs and physical books before I buy more. I hope you had a great Christmas and hope you have an awesome New Year (Christmas and New Year are ALWAYS super fun in the Philippines! I miss it!)

  2. WHOA THAT IS A LOT OF BOOKS. 2014 was the year I took a bit of a breather in terms of book-buying. I actually focused more on my personal needs (I splurged a lot on clothes ha). Anyway. I hope you enjoy PLAYLIST FOR THE DEAD! It’s definitely one of those books that leave huge impact on you. Happy New Year!

  3. I did really good at not buying too many books for most of the year, but then went super overboard in the last few months. As in, 50 books during one of book outlet’s sales. But it was less than $200 including shipping! totally makes it okay, right?!

  4. 100 books!! If only I had that amount of money to spend on books (I get £10 a week and that has to go on food for when I’m at school)…I really need to get a job.

    I think this month was the only month in which I bought more than two books so that resulted in my first haul on this blog – it was a momentous occasion.

  5. I didn’t get 100 books but I got a lot I loved. I received Suspicion as a gift and then 3 gift cards. Any recommendations you truly loved? I added your list above but wanted to know personally what you really liked this year. Thanks!

  6. Ooh, I’m so excited to read Playlist for the Dead, it sounds bittersweet but so good! Hope you enjoy it! And I’m with you, I’ve got a whole bunch of unread books sitting on my shelves–not as many as you, but still a lot for me! That’s a pretty cool idea to tally up the amount of books you bought this year, though. It looks like you had a pretty good book-buying year–I hope you enjoy all those lovely reads, and also: Happy New Year! :D

  7. If I bought a 100 books in a year, I would have nowhere to put them. I got around 20 or 30 this year, maybe. But oh my God, I would so happily take some of those books off your hands and read them for you or something. I’m planning on cutting back this year to save up for a trip to somewhere Western someday. I just have to persuade my parents! :D

  8. It’s really hard to resist a book bargain, if you ask me! I’m usually good about limiting my book purchases, but once I see a good deal, it’s (almost) impossible to resist. I bought 250 books last year, and 131 books from that bunch are still on my TBR. YIKES. Here’s to hoping I read through a good chunk of those books this year!

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