The Many Beautiful Editions of Jane Austen Novels

As much as I’d love to say I’m a Jane Austen fan, I can’t. That’s probably because I’m a Jane Austen virgin. Yep, I’ve yet to read any of her books and you’re probably shocked by that certain horror but here come’s the good part: I’m planning to change that. Soon.

It’s been way too long since I last read a classic and I’ve decided it’s time to get into some Austen. So in hopes of looking for which copies I want to buy, I was looking through the many editions and OH MY GOD they’re all so lovely! I seriously wanna get them all.

On that note, I think y’all should also check them out for yourself! Here’s a collection of the many beautiful editions of Jane Austen novels:

Vintage Austen

vintage austen

Buy it: Sense and Sensibility // Pride and Prejudice // Northanger Abbey // Persuasion //
Emma // Mansfield Park

Mr Boddington’s for Penguin Classics

sense and sensibility boddington for penguin  pride and prejudice mr boddington for penguin

Check out Anthropologie for possible copies!

Penguin English Library

penguin sense and sensibility  penguin pride and prejudice  

penguin persuasion  penguin emma  penguin mansfield park

Buy it: Sense and Sensibility // Pride and Prejudice // Northanger Abbey // Persuasion //
Emma // Mansfield Park

Penguin Clothbound Classics

Buy it: Emma // Northanger Abbey // Persuasion // Mansfield Park //
Sense and Sensibility // Pride and Prejudice // Lady Susan

Jane Austen: The Complete Works 7-Book Boxed Set: Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice; Mansfield Park; Emma; Northanger Abbey; Persuasion; Love and Friendship

White’s Fine Editions

Whites_Books_Fine_Edition_Pride_and_Prejudice Whites_Books_Fine_Edition_Emma

Buy it: Pride and Prejudice // Emma

Random House UK Collection

jane austen random house uk collection

Buy it: Northanger Abbey // Mansfield Park // Pride and Prejudice //
Persuasion // Sense and Sensibility // Emma

Splinter’s Classic Line

  emma classics  pride and prejudice by jane austen  sense and sensibility by jane austen

Buy it: Emma // Pride and Prejudice // Sense and Sensibility

Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics

leatherbound sense and sensibility jane austen leatherbound persuasion jane austen leatherbound pride and prejudice jane austen jane austen seven novels leatherbound classics

Buy it: Sense and Sensibility // Persuasion // Pride and Prejudice // Seven Novels

The Heirloom Collection

heirloom collection jane austen

Check out this beautiful set here!

The Penguin Complete Novels of Jane Austen

penguin complete novels jane austen

Check out this all-in-one Austen novel here!

I’m very much in love with all these editions! The only real crisis here is that I can’t choose between all of them. I mean- who could? I seriously can’t get enough of gorgeous hardbounds, pretty patterns, and beautifully designed and illustrated covers!

Are you an Austenite? What is your favorite Austen novel? Which one’s your favorite cover/edition?

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  1. We are both Austenites over at theidlehourreview!! We have both read all of Jane Austen’s novels at least once and most of them several times!

    I don’t have any of these versions of the books with the gorgeous covers (yet!) but that’s purely because I used to take them with me in my bag and so didn’t want to ruin them! But I will be investing in them, but like you not sure which ones!!

    I love love love Pride and Prejudice, closely followed by Nirthanger Abbey, Persuasion, Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park.

    Happy Reading!

    I think I might buy the Penguin Clothbound Classics for myself.


    1. That’s lovely to hear! I seriously need to get into that Austenite circle myself and see what the fuss is about. ;) I do like the patterns of the Clothbounds but I’m not sure I’m a fan of the colors. I love that they come as a set though! :D

  2. Love the White’s Fine Editions & The Penguin Complete Novels of Jane Austen cover. And I’ve only read Pride & Prejudice. My bestfriend said Emma is the best Austen book for her so hopefully I get to read that soon. Here’s to our Austen journey!

  3. I’d love to jump in here and proclaim my ardent and undying love for Jane Austen … but I’ve only read half of a book. And that book was Emma and it was so incredibly painful to read half of that book, I still don’t think I have recovered.

    But that doesn’t mean I won’t. Because Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favourite movies – so I am bound to like the book, right? I hope I do.

    Also random fact: I collect different copies of P&P, even though I haven’t read it, haha XD


    1. Hi Chiara

      I love all of Jane Austen’s books, but will admit I found Emna a bit difficult in places. But persevere as it is a wonderful story.

      Have you watched the movie of Pride and Prejudice with Keira knightly? Or the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth? I really disliked the movie version but the BBC version is amazing and the book is one of my all-time favourites – I just love all of the characters and the conversations and wish that I could be Elizabeth Bennett!I hope you love the book when you have read it.


    2. Well, I’ve not read anything by her so you’re doing much better than me haha! Let’s see if I’ll like Emma. I hope you love P&P much better! I’m actually hoping to read that first. That’s so cool about you collecting copies of it! You should totes do a post about it, Chiara! :D

  4. I like the last version! I find it the prettiest of them all <3 I'm also a virgin HAHA but this year we're having Jane Austen as our book report. HAHA I can't wait to read what she's got. Great list Hazel!

  5. GAH! All of these are so beautiful such a hard decision choosing which editions to get! I’d have to say my favourites would probably be the Barnes & Noble Leatherbounds…but I’m not 100% sure. Wonderful post, Hazel! I’ve only read one full Austen novel, and that’s P&P. Though I have read bits and pieces of S&S and Emma.

  6. Oh my god. They are so damn pretty. Now I feel like I shouldn’t have bough the Oxford editions of her books. But I didn’t find these. God, I soo want those.
    And of course you should become an Austinite. I’ve read only two of her books, but still I love her. Pride and Prejudice is a must read. God I love these editions.

  7. These are incredibly gorgeous! My favorite would have to be both Splinters and White Fine’s Edition!

    Don’t worry, you ain’t the only virgin, although I’ve seen teh Pride and Prejudice film… :)

  8. I love that you shared all these beautiful editions of Jane Austen novels with us, Hazel! They’re so pretty to look at (and almost too pretty for me to even consider reading them and not just keeping them on display). I’ve actually only read two Austen novels ever, but I’d like to read more someday!

  9. I’ve never read Jane Austen either. I have them all on my Kindle slowly being forgotten about (as most of my kindle books do) so I think if I had some of these pretties on my shelf I would want to pick them up and read. My favorites are the Vintage Austen and Heirloom Collection sets. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I’m an Austen virgin too! Yup, somehow we totally skipped over Pride & Prejudice and Emma in high school. We got lumbered with Wuthering Heights instead, which was so not my kind of book.

    I love love love the Barnes and Noble leatherbound editions, for pretty much all their range of classics. They’re so beautiful I’m tempted to pick one up every time I walk into Waterstone’s, but I’m not actually very much of a classics reader. I think Wuthering Heights scarred me a little (although I might actually think differently if I were to read that now!) and that projected itself onto every single classic novel ever, so I’m scared to try classics as a whole. The only classic I think I’ve read all the way through by choice is Les Misérables, but I had to watch the Hugh Jackman film edition to gear myself up first!

  11. I’m a sucker for a beautiful book cover. I only just read my first Austen book last year (Pride and Prejudice) at the age of 25 so don’t feel too bad!! Definitely worth getting into, I think im going to have to purchse some of those beautiful covers. The problem is choosing which ones?

  12. So many pretty Austen covers! I saw some recently at a bookstore and I thought, “I don’t care if I already own it, I want it!” But I resisted.

    I’ve read four out of Austen’s six novels so far and here’s my list from most favorite to least favorite: (1) Emma, (2) Pride and Prejudice, (3) Northanger Abbey, and (4) Persuasion. However, they are all worthwhile.

  13. Pssht…I’m a JA Virgin too! All these editions are completely gorgeous and definitely a great tactic from publishers because of course we (most of us) judge books by their covers but you can’t help but want to own and read all of these.

  14. Hi! Do you know where I can buy mr.boddington’s edition for jane austen in the Philippines? Or at least buy online for them??

    1. I only know Anthropologie had them for order online but it looks like they’re already out of stock. You could try to ask Fullybooked if they could acquire it for you but I think the chances are pretty slim since it seems to be a limited edition.

  15. I own several editions of Jane Austen’s novels; two of them are her complete novels – and so I had to note something that stood out to me: nowhere in your photos of Jane’s novels did I see her novel Lady Susan. She has seven complete novels, not six. Thought I ought to let you know.
    My favourite copy of my Jane Austen novels is my Barnes & Noble Leather Bound Collectors Edition – not the one posted here, but a GORGEOUS light and dark teal/blue edition; it has metallic gold and silver on it, as well, and the page edges are gold leaf. I am just in love with it.

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