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Let me tell you a horror story. One summer, I was reading by the pool. I was lounging on a pool chair immersed in my current read while I acted as a sort of watch for my sister and her friends who were swimming. Now this is the scary part: someone dive-bombed into the pool. Guess what was soaking wet? No, not even me. I wish it had just been me. It was my book. My precious book was wet. I swear to god, I still haven’t recovered from the trauma. I never read by the pool anymore.

What was the point of telling you this unfortunate tale? Well, if you’re like me and are scared to bring your precious books anywhere near water to avoid getting it wet, FEAR NO LONGER. Someone is finally making waterproof books happen- timeless stories and poetry that would be perfect to read while by the pool or the beach or when you’re in the bath!

Shakespeare (1)

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Bibliobath Books

You heard (err, read) that right! Wing Weng and Jasper Jansen, a Dutch-Chinese couple based in Amsterdam, both passionate about books and design, are teaming up to make waterproof books available to avid readers around the globe.

Wing_Jasper (2)

“We love reading a good book but it can be difficult to find the peace of mind needed to fully savor the writings of great authors like Shakespeare or Yeats. What works for us is to relax in a hot bath, switch off our phones and settle into a great literary classic. But paper and water don’t mix, and an iPad in a plastic sheet just doesn’t do it for us. We want to read, not skim and swipe. That is why we are creating fully waterproof versions of great works of literature and poetry.”

Go watch this video to find out more about Bibliobath:

I don’t know about you but this sounds so freaking exciting! I think it’s so great that fellow book lovers like Wing and Jasper are working hard to make waterproof books a reality. It’s about time someone did! We can help make this happen by showing our support. Visit the Bibliobath Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the project and to pledge a donation.

Don’t forget spread the word, alright? Hopefully, the bookish community can finally enjoy waterproof literature soon!

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  1. Sounds exciting! I have this horrible habit of reading in the bathroom and in the toilet, which I’ve been trying to shake off since I was really small, and though I am always careful not to make my books wet, it’s kinda a hard task. Maybe I’ll finally be able to read in the bathroom in peace!:)
    And all this time, when my books get wet, I actually keep them in the oven! Don’t laugh at me, I was desperate, but it actually works!:)

  2. Yes omg! I have my fair share of books-getting-wet troubles and it isn’t pretty </3 This looks really cool! Who knows maybe in a few years, this will become a norm (along with books with glow in the dark texts *wink wink*)

  3. What a fascinating idea! I like the fact that they’re focusing on classics; it would encourage me to take it along to pool days or beach days, the knowledge that it wouldn’t get damaged by water. Thanks for sharing, Hazel!

  4. Love that they’re using classics! Very cool idea! It would definitely be nice to have a book that you don’t have to worry about when hanging out by a pool / beach.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. There should be waterproof books for the beach maybe even waterproof kindles-I think they already have that though. ;)

  6. Wow that’s awesome! Reading while swiping with electronics just don’t do it for me either so I’m glad someone is making these waterproof books. I can’t wait to see their future projects, and my fear of reading at the beach or tub will finally come to an end ^.^

  7. I literally just read a book while I was bathing and I was so close to dropping it! I ended dropping my bookmark though! :( Anyways this is so cool, they should make like a waterproof jacket for books as well, so we can fit it on any book :D

  8. I do love this idea, but if I really wanted to read in close proximity to water I’d probably get a Kobo H2O. But i really hope this works out.

  9. *cries with happiness* OMG OMG I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN. And hopefully just everything-proof books too. I was taking photos of my books on the veranda this week and DROPPED ONE OFF THE VERANDA INTO THE MUD. I cried. I need life-resistant books. But we’ll start with water resistant, that would be good in the mean time. *nods*

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