Book In My Bag: Quick Beach Trip Edition

Book In My Bag - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Tote

Last weekend, my family made a quick trip to Baler, a provincial town in the Philippines that boasted killer waves and beach paradise. It was a six or seven hour drive from Manila and a perfect getaway. I brought my beautiful Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost tote bag with me and packed a light contemporary read.

Book In My Bag - Proof Of Forever by Lexa Hillyer

Book In My Bag

Before: It was the perfect summer of first kisses, skinny-dipping, and bonfires by the lake. Joy, Tali, Luce, and Zoe knew their final summer at Camp Okahatchee would come to an end, but they swore they’d stay friends.

After: Now, two years later, their bond has faded along with those memories.

Then: That is, until the fateful flash of a photo booth camera transports the four of them back in time, to the summer they were fifteen—the summer everything changed.

Now: The girls must recreate the past in order to return to the present. As they live through their second-chance summer, the mystery behind their lost friendship unravels, and a dark secret threatens to tear the girls apart all over again.

Always: Summers end. But this one will change them forever.

I picked Proof Of Forever by Lexa Hillyer because I’m almost always in the mood for a summery read when I go to the beach. It’s been awhile since I acquired this one from Book Expo America (I met Lexa Hillyer then so my copy is actually signed!) and I thought why not give it a go? Unfortunately, since my beach time was cut short because I had to go back home eventually, I wasn’t able to finish reading. I like what I’ve read so far though and I think it’s cool to read a contemporary with a time travel via photo booth twist!

What book is in your bag at the moment? How was your weekend? Hope everyone is having a fabulous start of the week!

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  1. I really love that tote bag! And I would definitely love a trip to the beach. It would make a nice change from the cool temperatures over here :) I really enjoyed Proof of Forever, and I’m glad you’re liking it so far!

  2. These photos are GORGEOUS. :D And I really want to try that book someday but pff, let’s face it, I want to try every book someday. *sigh* I need clones or a time machine or something. I can basically not read when I’m out though because I get too distracted!! But right now I’m reading Six of Crows!! Hopefully will finish it today (it’s quite a thick beast of a book :P)

  3. Honestly, that bag is gorgeous! A trip to the beach this time of year for us Canadians calls for some jealousy, which I most definitely have right now! I hope you enjoyed that little getaway at the beach! Sometimes we all just need one of those summer reads!

    (not to sound rude, but I’ve emailed you a few times with no response-hope everything is alright!)

  4. Well, well, well, look at those LOVELY pictures you’ve got there? They be gorgeous Hazel ;) And haha I’m so jealous because that tote is pretty darn awesome. Where did you get it from? I might come to Manila SOLELY to buy that! The Proof of Forever has a beautiful cover, although I’m not really sold on the story – anyway, glad you had such a fun time!

  5. As always you take absolutely amazing pictures. I wish I had you eye for photography. I love that bag its sooo cute! I wish I was at the beach right now. It’s so rainy and all around suck-ish here in Seattle I need some sun but I also like snow so I’m really conflicted right now, lol. I haven’t heard of this book before but its about time travel and summery friendships. TIME TRAVEL! Excuse me while I go and find this at my local library.

  6. I love your photography :) (And your blog!) I really enjoyed Proof of Forever… though it took me a little while to get into! And that tote bag – so cool!

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