Ah-MAY-zing Reads 2014: Slambook Interview with Jennifer Echols


Hi everyone! Today, I’m interviewing Jennifer Echols, author of the recently released novel, Biggest Flirts! I highly enjoyed this book and am so excited to get to ask Jennifer all about it. If you’re curious which superlative title Jennifer holds for herself, do read on!

The Author

slambook interview jennifer echols

Writer loves

  • Starbucks beverage – skinny vanilla latte. I’m all about the skinny.
  • Local bookstore to visit – The huge chain Books-A-Million is based in my hometown of Birmingham!
  • Romance novel – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen!

Fill in the blanks

  • Of all the books I’ve ever written, I’m closest to… The Boys Next Door and the sequel, Endless Summer, because Lori is the heroine most like me, and these books are set on the lake where I grew up.
  • If I were to try a different genre, it would be… romantic suspense. I’ve just turned in a proposal for one of these, so cross your fingers for me!
  • My most embarrassing author moment was when… I introduced myself to my idol, Jennifer Crusie. Only the lady was not actually Jennifer Crusie, but Jennifer Crusie was standing behind her and heard the whole thing.

The Book

biggest flirts

I love love love the idea of Superlatives? How did you come up with it?

Yearbook titles like Most Athletic and Best Looking were a big deal at my high school.

I enjoyed how extroverted Tia is! She is a really vibrant character. Would you say that you’re quite like her? Why or why not?

I am absolutely as unlike Tia as I could possibly be. I had a great time writing a character who would do the opposite of what I would do in just about every situation.

You always have hot male leads- from hot to holy hell, where does Will come in? What did you like most about him and what makes him different from your former male leads?

Oh, gosh, thanks! I try. ;) Will is a genuinely nice, caring person for whom everything in the universe has suddenly gone terribly wrong. What I love most about him is that, though he’s reserved and quiet, he’s a great dancer and will actually dance in public. That’s a confident guy! And the hottest thing about him, imho, is that he is head over heels in love with Tia, absolutely smitten.

If you were to get a superlative title of your own, what would it be and why?

I was actually elected Most Academic (read: Biggest Nerd) and Most Likely to Succeed!


 slambook dedication jennifer echols

We are more than happy to tell our friends and the whole world about how we enjoy your books! Thanks for the lovely interview, Jennifer! Book nerds, don’t forget to add Biggest Flirts to your to-read shelves! Looking to follow Jennifer? Check out her websiteTwitterFacebook and Goodreads!

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13 Responses

  1. In my high school batch, I was and still am the Walking Dictionary/Editor because my high school classmates run to me when they have problems in grammar and such. Oh and Foreigner Looking. I got that in college. I don’t know why. They say I look like a foreigner.

  2. I didn’t win anything in high school although I should’ve won most likely to be found with her nose buried in a book.

    I recently reconnected with someone from elementary school and she asked me, “Are you the Chanpreet who ised to read 300 pages a day in elementary school?” Lol.

  3. I think it’s interesting that superlatives were a big deal in Jennifer Echols’ high school because I don’t think people took it all too seriously in mine. We just got a sheet of paper where we wrote people’s names next to superlatives and whoever got the most write-ins got the superlative. I’d probably end up getting “bookworm”, haha.

  4. Honestly, my superlative would probably be something like “most organized” :p And ooh, she may be writing a romanic suspense? That sounds pretty interesting!

  5. I’ve actually already won a tittle in the past, and it was for ‘Most Late’. I’m late for everything, lol.

  6. Love the interview! It really makes a difference when the blogger has read the book because the questions are more interesting. :) I have an eARC of this and I’ve been planning to read it since EVER. Hope I can get to it soon!

    Love the superlatives inspiration! I always win the funniest or most fun person in class… :))

  7. MOST LIKELY TO CURE CANCER because I am a med student and I would like nothing more than to be the person to be the vehicle to rid the entire world of this terrible disease.

  8. The “Awkwardest girls” I just felt it nowadays I don’t know why. Haha… I can’t wait to read this book, My first book from Jennifer is Such a rush, and it’s really good. She also creates great sunny boys. Haha. I’ll be so happy to win this book. Thank you Hazel!

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