The Infernal Devices Trilogy: Manga Adaptation Review

the infernal devices manga

The Infernal Devices has been one of my long time favourite YA historical/paranormal series. It’s been awhile since I finished the last book, Clockwork Princess, and it still overwhelms my heart when I think about it. Tessa, Will and Jem are characters etched in my mind and reading them yet again in illustrated manga form was wholly fantastic.

the infernal devices clockwork angel manga

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices: Manga #1)

the infernal devices clockwork prince manga

Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices: Manga #2)

the infernal devices clockwork princess manga

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices: Manga #3)

I’ve been longing to get to read the manga adaptation of Clockwork Angel since forever. I was ecstatic when I finally got my hands on it, as well as the next books, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I dove into the manga immediately and was swept away by how much I enjoyed it as I did the books!

Here are the top five reasons why you NEED to read the The Infernal Devices manga adaptation, along with photos of some of the pages from the manga itself:

tessa gray
#1: The manga art is amazing! If you’re both a bookworm and manga enthusiast- you will love it! The details on the features of the characters are beautifully done (especially the boys, refer to #3) and the fight scenes are epic! (No pictures of those though because spoilers!)

will herondale

#2: The adaptation was done fantastically. Like I said, I fell in love with the manga as much as I did with the actual books! I found myself seriously hooked because the mangas were AWESOME. I think my favourite would be Clockwork Prince but that might just be my favouritism for Jem. Anyway, the mangas captured the essence of the series, even in fewer words.

jem carstairs
#3: Swoony boys Will and Jem look utterly gorgeous in their manga forms. Whenever I looked at the illustrations of my favourite book boys especially during those romantic scenes, I just seriously wanna hug my copy and cuddle with it, tbh. Basically, what I’m saying is there will be hearts in your eyes when you read this.

will herondale clockwork angel mizpah jem carstairs

#4: You don’t need to have read the books to enjoy the manga. I really don’t think it’s possible not to get thrilled while reading these- they’re kickass.

tessa gray clockwork prince
#5: And if you did read the book series, you’ll fall in love with it more through these adaptations. I can happily say that I did.

Have you read The Infernal Devices manga? Did you read the books? Who are your favourite characters and which scenes from the books would you like to see in the manga?

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  1. Cool! I’ve yet to read the trilogy itself in book form… I just hate that there are loads of spoilers EVERYWHERE. But I’m still interested; the story as a whole had positive remarks since forever!

  2. I haven’t read manga in the longest time (the last time I read it was probably 2 years ago) but seeing these photos make me want to rethink my decision! I remember when the manga adaptions first came out and my interests were piqued. I still haven’t read the books but I think I might just dive back into manga and the story with the adaptions!

  3. I loved the trilogy. Like, LOVED. Jem and Will are my babes. And I think I just fell in love with these Mangas. I don’t really read Mangas. I’m totatlly clueless when it comes to this, but wow.. they’re gorgeous. Might look for some at NBS or anywhere :P

  4. I was disappointed with how they shortened my favorite feels scene in the epilogue of cp2..
    and I don’t really feel like calling it a manga because the the artist is korean and its left to right so I feel like it’s a manhwa ..
    aand I really got disappointed with the drawings.. I don’t know.. I think its because I’ve read lots of amazingly drawn mangas or I just have different tastes.. It’s just my opinion tho.. Sorry . I just wanted to express my thoughts

    1. That’s understandable, Frances! We all have are different tastes. :) I knew the artist was korean but the art looks more manga-ish to me. The mangas I usually read are mostly shoujo and not fantasy/paranormal so maybe that’s why I was amazed with the art in this one! I’m glad you shared your thoughts though. :D

  5. Wonderful review, Hazel! I’m not really into manga, but I have been wanting to read these ones as TID is one of my favourite series – glad to hear you enjoyed these immensely – I’m going to have to pick them up sooner or late! :)

  6. This is awesome! I bought Bane Chronicles two weeks ago and then I realized that I couldn’t read it yet because I haven’t read TID! So the following week, I bought the trilogy and I’m so excited to start reading. Maybe I’ll buy this too next year. :)

  7. I loved The Infernal Devices but I have never even looked at the Manga version. I love the covers and how some of the pages are drawn out, it looks amazing!! :D

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