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Hi everyone! Today, I’ll be sharing a guest article from literary thriller author, Leonce Gaiter, here on the blog! He’ll be talking about his personal stand on why men are reading less and less fiction novels. I think it’s an interesting point of view and I’m sure y’all will have varying opinions on this. I only hope this’ll […]

All day, I’ve been pondering a lot on blogging and bloggers and blogs after Jamie of The Perpetual Page Turner shared a very eye-opening post on how there’s been a huge shift in the book blogging community. According to her, there’s tense competition and too much self promotion/marketing and I kind of agree. In fact, […]

When you fall in love with a book so deeply and passionately, sometimes it’s difficult to express how you feel. Like trying to confess to that person you’ve crushed on for the longest time. Or conveying to that special person how much they mean to you. It’s hard to find the right words. At least […]

Am I in some blogger prison or something? Why, no. At least not really. By blogging freely I mean: free·ly  adverb \ˈfrē-lē\ of one’s own accord with freed from external control without restraint or reservation without hindrance not strictly following a model, convention, or rule (Thanks for the apt definition, Mr. Webster!) So.. What am I trying […]

A few days ago, I read Corey Ann Haydu’s Life By Committee (which was a great book, btw- definitely watch out for it!) and was pleasantly surprised that the main character, Tabitha, was a reader. In the book, she mentions active reading and defines it as: writing notes in the margins, asking questions and underlining, asterisking, […]

We’ve spent most of our lives as a reader, a book lover. Thousands and thousands of pages after, we’ve read a lot of books- some we liked, some we loved, some we’ve already forgotten. Just reading words could be relatively easy but truly living a book, really experiencing it, takes effort. As a reader, we […]

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