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As an avid reader, it’s always refreshing when you come upon a book that completely takes you by surprise. Going into Signs of You, I never really knew what to expect, especially since it was a debut novel. It baffles me now why this book isn’t more acclaimed and hyped because oh my goodness, it’s brilliant. […]

This year’s event has been such a crazy fun ride. The weekend just flew by. Chatting & connecting with the community for the last two days has been so epic. So much love was given and received and that can only mean that the Love-a-Thon was a success. In fact, with almost 300 participants, I think this year’s Love-a-Thon […]

The day of hearts has come upon us- Happy Valentine’s, lovely readers! Like yesterday, I’m sharing another dual interview, this time with YA authors, Lucy D. Briand and Jodie Andrefski. I’m so thrilled to have them on the blog today  as their books sound exactly like the kind of books I’d love to read. If you’re […]

I’m very glad to be bringing back yet another feature as well as have an awesome debut author here on the blog to share her Story Soundtrack. I’ve been excited for E. Katherine Kottaras’ HOW TO BE BRAVE since I first read its synopsis. I love inspiring YA contemporary books with heart and Kathy’s book sounded exactly like one. Crazy […]

In celebration of School Library Month, I’ve been asked by MyVoucherCodes to write about my thoughts on ebooks. I’ve talked about whether I like ebooks or paperbacks on the blog before and how I saw the pros and cons of each and how I liked both. This much is still true. Lately, however, I find myself preferring physical […]

I’m twenty years old today. Officially graduated from being a teenager. Truth be told, this day used to scare me. I loved being a teen. So last night I was feeling nostalgic and shared a short post on my personal blog, reflecting about growth and change. Fact: I wouldn’t be who I am today if I […]

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