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In an age where people turn a blind eye against the atrocities happening in our world, Randy Ribay’s latest novel offers an echoing voice calling out humanity for what is happening and what must be done. But despite the unholy topics it covers, I believe Patron Saints of Nothing has been blessed by all the […]

I’m the type of reader who will follow an author’s next work with almost no question if I loved their previous book/s. This was the case when I decided to read Girl Gone Viral so I pretty much had no clue what it was about when I started reading. All I knew was that Arvin’s […]

It’s official: I will read anything set in space if it’s written by Kaufman & Kristoff. After how much I loved their Illuminae Files series, I wondered if Aurora Rising would manage to be just as thrilling and enjoyable, especially since it’s mostly written in typical novel prose (with scattered informative notes) compared to the […]

“A life worth dying for is a life worth living after all.” Likewise, a book worth dying for is a book worth reading. I would die for this book, for this series, for these characters. I trust Tea Pahlavi to raise me from the dead that much. SEVEN HELLS, THIS CONCLUSION GAVE ME ALL THE […]

To say I was excited to read The Heart Forger after finishing The Bone Witch would be the understatement of the year. The first book’s ending left me in a limbo of having trouble trying to sleep because I was still reeling from what I’d just read and wanting to fall asleep immediately so I […]

I’m a very impatient reader. I can’t stand the wait between books in a series. But from the moment I laid eyes on The Bone Witch, I knew I wanted to read it. Not just because of the gorgeous cover design. Not just because Rin Chupeco is a Filipino author I absolutely admire. But also […]

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