The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Book #1, The Edge of Never
Published by Forever on July 2nd 2013
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Twenty-year-old Camryn Bennett thought she knew exactly where her life was going. But after a wild night at the hottest club in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, she shocks everyone-including herself-when she decides to leave the only life she's ever known and set out on her own. Grabbing her purse and her cell phone, Camryn boards a Greyhound bus ready to find herself. Instead, she finds Andrew Parrish.

Sexy and exciting, Andrew lives life like there is no tomorrow. He persuades Camryn to do things she never thought she would and shows her how to give in to her deepest, most forbidden desires. Soon he becomes the center of her daring new life, pulling love and lust and emotion out of her in ways she never imagined possible. But there is more to Andrew than Camryn realizes. Will his secret push them inseparably together-or destroy them forever?

Have you ever wanted to live a different life? Have you ever wished you could do something spontaneous for once- no plans, just let chance sweep you away? Camryn Bennett has. In fact, she’s always wanted to backpack around the world even before it came crashing down on her. Realizing she’s been living a pointless life, Camryn decides to finally just leave and get away. She takes a Greyhound bus, with no clue at all where this trip will truly bring her. But on the road to nowhere, she meets Andrew Parrish and things go to a different direction all together.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE IT. I expected that it was a good read (I’ve heard so many praises), but oh my god, I did not expect to fall head-over-heels in love with it. I tried to be critical- after reading, I tried to find some faults because an NA book this beautiful was just too good to be true– but I couldn’t. I have zero qualms- The Edge of Never was just THAT perfect.

Don’t get me wrong. This book wasn’t “idealistically” perfect. It’s perfect in the sense that it told the story of two flawed, troubled people in such a breath-taking, heart-wrenching, amazingly poignant way. We get both Camryn and Andrew’s POVs and I was just so impressed that JA Redmerski was able to pull off alternating between the two of them.

Camryn was a restless girl. She wondered about life and always wanted more from it. But the thing is, she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted. When she did, she was too scared to take it. I could totally relate to that and I think most people would as well. That’s where Andrew comes in. Andrew who is downright swoon-worthy and gorgeous. Andrew with a dirty mouth, a sense of humor and passion for classic rock. But I didn’t fall in love with him because of those characteristics. It was his words and actions that had me completely enamored. Andrew’s lines in The Edge of Never were really deep and meaningful. Being the kind of guy who lives in the moment and does things spontaneously, Andrew teaches not only Camryn, but also the reader, that life is ours for the taking- we just have to be true to ourself.

“Just remember to always be yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your mind or to dream out loud.” – Andrew Parrish

As Camryn starts to learn how to become more free-spirited, she realizes that she needs Andrew in her life. I think I need Andrew in my life too. (JA Redmerski, please give me Andrew.) Okay, being more serious now. The romance in this book just renders me speechless. I cannot find the right words to express how much I loved it! Camryn and Andrew’s conversations were either making me laugh my ass off or blushing and swooning. And how about the super hot, steamy scenes? I kinda lost myself there. Truth! I’m the type who usually shies away from those things but this time was different because I read every damn sexy word. I don’t regret a thing.

Laughing, blushing, swooning, fanning self intensely because of hotness.. Did I miss anything? Oh wait, I did. Crying. Yes, you will need tissues when you read this book. There will be tears, I tell you. As much as I hurt for Camryn, especially since she had to deal with so much crap- it was Andrew’s pain that really got to me. And those last few chapters- my heart just couldn’t handle the ache. The emotions contained in this book were as ardent and intense as a hurricane.

The Edge of Never has got to be one of the best NA books I’ve read so far. This book deserves a thousand stars- hell, it deserves a galaxy. A story of two strangers who lose themselves in new experiences and feelings and find out what or who they really truly want along the way, The Edge of Never is definitely a must-read!

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  1. Holy shizzle, Hazel. I bought this book a couple of months ago and HAVEN’T READ IT YET WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. This book sounds oh-so-good, and the way you described it.. let’s just say if this book doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’MMA KILL YOU. Just kidding. But this plot sounds very YOLO and I love the spontaneity of it. Camryn sounds like a great character and I remember your Swoon-Worthy Saturday post about Andrew and MMMM. <3 I want, already. I can't wait to read this one, thanks for the gorgeous review, Hazel!

    1. I actually bought this book a month ago and I only got to reading it now so I know how you feel! IS THAT A THREAT JEN *hides* Okay, I know I super praised this book and maybe I exaggerated on the galaxy thing (haha) but I just really loved it, y’know? I wanted to check out other reviews (the more critical ones) because I felt like I was swooning over this book too much but I didn’t want their opinion to affect mine because like I said, I had no qualms at all about the story, so my review mostly reflects how I felt while I was reading this. Anyway, I am really really hoping that you love The Edge of Never as much as I did, Jen!

  2. I’m alway so hesitant going into NA books. I mean I know that sounds bad and so many people would love to argue with me on this, but I fing NA no where’s as near as good as YA. It’s just a preference!
    BUT, I have been trying to broaden my tastes and try new things so maybe this book is one I’ll love!!
    The characters and the romance sounds fantastic! And having ALL THOSE EMOTIONS WHEN READING?? That has got to be a special book!! Thanks for this great review!! Definitely adding this book to my TBR!!

    1. I totally understand that. I know many people who are very hesitant about NA. I enjoy this genre but I so agree with you that it couldn’t compare to YA! If ever you do want a taste of NA though, I think this is a really good book to start with. :)

    1. Thank you! You should give it a try. Haha, I’m doubtful that there will be a copy of this at the library but I think The Edge of Never is worth buying. :)

  3. I read this book months ago but just never reviewed it (I tend to think of NA books as guilty pleasure reads haha). I didn’t quite love it as much as you did but I agree, very very hot and steamy scenes. And I enjoyed the way they met and slowly spent time getting to know each other first (despite all the obvious tension!). Great review!

    1. Same here! I was kinda embarrassed about reading NA (especially them dirty sexxxxy scenes) but I guess since I’m nearing appropriate age, and since the genre is getting more acknowledged, I’ve let go of that feeling. I agree, it was nice that they first learned to enjoy each other’s company and then eventually trust each other before the romance happened! Thanks for dropping by, Rachel! :)

  4. I feel like I need to be reading this one right now. It is obvious how much you loved this one and your enthusiasm has rubbed off. I will definitely add The Edge of Never to my TBR. From what you’ve said I think I will love the characters.

    1. Haha, glad to know my enthusiasm is very convincing. ;) I hope you enjoy it if you ever do pick it up! :D

    1. Thanks so much, Georgie! I was thinking the same actually. The cover kinda looks unnatural, doesn’t it? And I’m not a fan of the color theme either. :/

  5. This review is just perfect! <3 It captures my feels about this book down to the letter! A galaxy indeed!
    I love how you put it all, too! You've such a way with words, Hazel ;)

    *sigh* I suddenly want to re-read this book all over again. And I did that just last week!

    We all want Andrew <– true story.

  6. This book is very honest and Andrew is so hot and awesome and beautiful (and the list never ends) And I also like Camryn! Anyway, I started reading this book because I saw your review in Goodreads and then I thought “This book is going to be great” And it turned out that it exceeded my expectations. You inspired me! :))

  7. I read this book right when was launched and I totally had the same reaction as you haha I read this in like one night because I just couldn’t put it down. I found the ending kind of cliche but whatever it didn’t chanced my mind around the book. I haven’t read much NA books and this gender is way to controversial, but these one was a good gem. :)

  8. great! great! great! review Hazel! Redmerski is one of those rare NA writer who can deliver. This one came highly recommended by a friend of mine over in GR and i was floored! I felt like i journeyed with Andrew and Cam through thick and thin :)

  9. I know this review is from two years ago, haha, but I saw it on Goodreads when I was looking at this book! I’m just starting to read NA, but I’m not really into explicit content… so I’m trying to tread lightly! Do you remember if the “super hot, steamy scenes” were really graphic?

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