Hello, Goodbye: September 2013 Recap

hello october goodbye september

Since September has been a pretty great month and I’m really looking forward to October too, I’ve decided to give the latter a great welcome and bid the former a proper farewell. A recap is quite appropriate, yes?

October Excitements

Book releases this month that I absolutely must have
october 2013 excitements
On the blog
Since I’m unofficially putting my Swoon Worthy Saturday meme on hold and since Behind The Blog is on hiatus too, I have lots of space to fill within the weeks to come. This means more opportunities for new stuff on the blog! I’ll still be continuing my List Of Awesome feature though- I’ve already got some ideas lined up! And, you’ll be seeing more book reviews! I hope October turns out to be a great month for this blog!

 September Recollections

Events and happenings
Manila International Book Fair 2013
One of the things I look forward to every year is the Manila International Book Fair, which I think is the biggest book event we have here! It’s not BEA or any of those super cool festivals in the US but it’s pretty awesome in itself. Although I can say the bargain selection at MIBF last year was far more impressive, I still had lots of fun! I was able to save up for the fair so I got to buy lots of books! (See my MIBF pile here.)

Melissa De La Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl Book Signing Event
sept signing
I never got to post about the signing but ahhh, it was one of the best events of last month! 3 AUTHORS, you guys! And they were all so funny, especially Margaret!. Alyson was cool too, with her infectious laugh and huge grin. I haven’t read both Margaret and Alyson but I have read practically ALL of Melissa’s books so it was her I really fangirled about! She even agreed to customize her dedication and she wrote “Kingsley loves ya!” on one of my books and “Jack loves ya!” on the other so I was super happy! I was also one of the attendees that got an opportunity to ask a question and I was just really flailing inside! Overall, the signing was a great experience.

18th Birthday
I think y’all already know that I celebrated my 18th birthday last Sept 23! Contrary to popular thought, my celebration was intimate and simple really. Nonetheless, it was one of the best birthdays, and I definitely felt special! I just want to thank you guys for all the sweet messages! (Even now, people still keep greeting me haha it’s actually funny) My blog party / giveaway is still going on so I hope you guys join! Thank you for all the love and support! xo

Books read
books read sept 2013
Book reviews
The Edge of Never by JA Redmerski
Chaos by Christine O’Neil
Not Pretty Enough by Jaimie Admans*
All Of You by Christina Lee*
Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles
American Girl On Saturn by Nikki Godwin*
* – Blog tour

Awesome Lists
Unforgettable Fictional Songs
Things To Do To Make MIBF A Fulfilling Experience
Quirky Contemporary Kids

Blog Lovin’
Putting the spotlight on my fave bloggers and blog crushes
Books And Other Happy Ever Afters
Book Addicts Guide
Adrift On Vulcan
Paper Grey
Pop Goes The Reader
What She Reads
So Obsessed With

Ongoing Giveaways
18th Birthday Giveaway
Not Pretty Enough Blog Tour Giveaway
American Girl On Saturn Blog Tour Giveaway

On Replay
I’m super in love with these songs! I totally raped the replay button on my iPod  because I’m too addicted. If you guys are looking for cool music recs, check out these features: Listen Up by Rachel Reads & Infinite Playlist by Hello, Chelly!

Lovely words

“Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy. It’s the noblest, like, the most courageous thing two people can shoot for.” – Wren Avery, Fangirl

14 Responses

  1. HOUSE OF HADES!!!! I’m so excited especially after that major cliffy at the end of Mark of Athena. I also can’t wait till Allegiant and I hope it’s better than Insurgent. Looks like you had a great month, I didn’t really…I was in a bit of a reading slump even though I had heaps of great books to read.

    1. Me too, dear! Me too! Allegiant definitely needs to exceed Insurgent! It’s the finale book after all. So sorry to hear you fell into that funk! Hope October’s better for ya! :)

  2. Excuse me while I – HOUSE OF HAAAAAAAAAAADES. I’m unbelievably excited for it. Like excited in a way where I jump up and down repeatedly until I make a hole in the ground. I’m getting all so warm even when I think about it! Seems like you had a great month, so hope you’ll enjoy October as much!

    1. If everyone who’s waiting on HoH jumped up and down like that, there would be a massive earthquake! But gah, we are allowed to be this excited! I cannot believe the 8th is coming so soon! I cannot wait to read the book! <3

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Hazel! That signing looks awesome! Seriously, the setup almost looks like a backdrop to a movie promo event. So cool. Love the Naked and Famous <3 Actually, I like all of those songs. Great taste in music ;)

    1. You already greeted me before! But thank you nonetheless! <3 Hehe, the signing was awesome! I mean 3 authors in one day? I was definitely fangirling A LOT! Glad to know you like Naked and Famous too! Seems like we have the same taste in songs so I can say the same about you. ;)

  4. I am excited for Allegiant too! Also, I can’t wait for Premeditated which comes out the 8th I believe.

    I’m glad you had so much fun meeting all of those authors!

    1. I cannot wait to read what Roth has in store for us in the finale! I’m not familiar with Premeditated but maybe I’ll check it out. I’m so glad I had fun too! I came alone so I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy but thankfully I did. :D

    1. Thanks, lovely! <3 Hell yes, FOUR!!!! I don't even know when the song came out but I couldn't stop humming Royals after hearing it for the first time! Yeah, Lorde's fantastic! :)

  5. GUUURL I LUH YOU. Okay first of all can I just say that I freaking love the fact that you decided to start doing recaps? YAAAY. And ooooh lala, you met so many cool authors! The Manila event seems so fun :) Urrggh I still need to read Fangirl, and I can’t believe Allegiant is releasing THIS MONTH WHAT WHAT. And thank you so much for mentioning my blog, because it’s kind of ish “new”. ;) Lastly, OMG OMG ROYALS BY LORDE. My jam right now I can’t even. LUUURVE.

    Okay this comment was very fangirly but I hope you don’t mind. ;) Lovely post, Hazel!

    1. IM NOT SURE WHAT LUH MEANS JEN BUT WHATEVER IT IS I LUH YOU RIGHT BACK <3 I'm glad I've started doing recaps too! I just realized how fun it is to look back on what I've blogged about and read the past month! :) My friends weren't able to come to the event but I still enjoyed it! You def gotta read Fangirl soon, Jen!!! And I can't believe it either but I'm so so psyched to read Allegiant! No problem, I owe you a lot- for the comments, the support and for the LUH. ;) Oh and I totally don't mind at all! I'm glad you love Lorde too! (See, we even have same taste in music! So MTB!) Thanks, dear! :D

  6. HAZEL!!! (gosh, how I love this name.. makes me crave hazelnut coffee!! :D)
    Looks like you had quite a fabulous month! belated happy birthday, girl!! 18 is a big milestone, I hope you celebrated it with a huge bang and lots of bookish gifts :)
    The event recap looks awesome, so many beautiful pictures (and you are so cute!!! where have you been hiding???).
    And I see you’ve read some really good books this month (well, last month!), too! One of my team members read Fangirl and she absolutely loved it. I definitely need to pick it up soon!

    anyhoo~! I will be stalking you cause you’re awesome and your blog is just b-e-a-u-tiful! :) I’m actually gonna go ahead and you to my blog roll right now :D HA! Who’s stalking who, now?!

    1. I’ve never tasted Hazelnut coffee before! I wonder if tastes like this Hazelnut chocolate drink I love. I did have a pretty fab month! Thank you so much for the greet! Hehe and thank you for saying I’m cute. (I agree with you, LOL HAHAHAHA) I hope you get to read Fangirl soon! It was a lovely book!

      Thanks so much (again)! I’m glad you like my blog although I must disagree and say that yours is ultimately more beautiful! <3

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