Hello, Goodbye: February 2014 Recap

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Hello, March

Save-the-date releases

the winner's curse ask again later don't even think about it maybe someday

On the blog

March is finals month (student life ugh) so things on the blog might slow down a bit, although I really hope I can keep it up. I’ll try posting Story Soundtracks and Novel Portraits weekly and I’ll definitely post reviews as much as I can. I’m not joining any events this month, sadly.

Goodbye, February

Events and happenings
A list of random things that occurred within the month  


  1. Valentine’s Day – I spent the day and the following weekend with my best friends. We had a slumber party, we went swimming, stuffed ourselves with food and had a great time. It was the best Vday I’ve ever had so far!
  2. Book Blogger Love-a-thon – This event was crazy fun! I loved how everyone was so enthusiastic and so sweet! I loved doing the the mash-up challenge and I was so happy everyone found my post to be interesting! It was so great meeting new bloggers too.
  3. School Fair – During the second week of Feb, our school celebrated its foundation so there was a school fair. There were lots of events but mostly, I was glad for the lack of classes that week haha! One of the events then that I did attend then was a Gatbsy themed party which was cool!
  4. Fun Run – In line with the foundation week, there was a fun run event at school! It’s been a long time since I last ran and I was extremely out-of-shape but I did enjoy just running.

Books read

feb 2014 reads

Total books read for February 2014: 15 books
Reading Challenge progress update28/150

Book reviews

Just One Year // Ignite Me // Pivot Point // Ditched // Before You Break // Elevated //
Split Second // Solving For Ex

Other posts

Story Soundtrack: Faking Normal
List: Book Valentines
Book Haul: #15 (Feb 2014 Acquisitions)
Book Blogger Love-a-thon Posts: Interview Questionnaire // Book Spine Poetry // Mash-up
Novel Portraits: About The New Feature + Current Read // iPhoneography Roundup #1
Guest Post: Adi Alsaid on Road Trips and Let’s Get Lost
Cover Reveals: Five Ways To Fall // Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless
Discussions: When No One Understands Your Love For Books // All About Book Clubs

On Replay


Lovely words

Though we’ll know forward and we’ve known backward, we will never know the present. This moment and the next one and even the one that would’ve been right now are gone, already passed, and all we’re left with are these tired bodies, the only proof that we’ve lived through time and survived it.
– Juliette, Ignite Me

13 Responses

  1. Booooo finals month! Nobody likes that! Good luck though on all of them (though I’m sure you don’t need it ;) ).

    And wow, 15 books read? I’d say that’s pretty damn good, especially since I’ve read like… four this past month. I guess you sort of HAVE to read that many though since your yearly goal is 150 (mine is only 50, haha). You go girl!

    Even though you’ll be busy this month, I hope it’s still a good month! <3

    1. Eeep, Asti! It’s so good to have you back! <3

      I'd be proud too since 15 books in a month does seem like an achievement but it makes me crazy that even with this, I'm just a few books ahead of my challenge. I can sort of feel the pressure of my 150 goal now, haha!

      I'm sure you'll be having a great March what with your new awesome site, Asti! :)

  2. Oh, ick, finals >< Ours are early June so we've still got time (though APs take place late May), but good luck, Hazel! Valentines Day and the School Fair sounded like fun :) Haha, our school annually hosts a fun run, and one of the clubs I'm part of is in charge of organising refreshments and such for runners at the end, so I always end up just sitting at the finish like sneaking refreshments and watching everyone else run >:D And waaah, you read so many books I’ve been really wanting to read *O* Last Best Kiss, Solving For Ex, Pivot Point. Glad you enjoyed the latter two, and I’m really curious to see what you thought of the former. All the best with finals!

    1. Thanks, Christine! Those two were definitely some great highlights from the past month! Haha, that sounds like fun- not having to sweat through a tiring run!

      I found Last Best Kiss to be cute! I’ll definitely post my review sometime, hopefully this March! I hope you get to read it soon, as well as the other two! :D

  3. The love-a-thon was such a fun event :) I had a great time and it made me happy to see all the blogging love :D You read a nice amount of books, go you! I can’t wait to read Pivot Point & to get started in Shatter me (I’m so behind)

    Happy March!

  4. It’s exam week in our school next week. D: Good luck to us, Hazel!

    My Valentine’s was really weird. It was fun, though! Teased a couple of friends who got some stuff from their admirers ^_^ I probably shouldn’t dwell on that, though, lol!

    The Winner’s Curse was really good! I’m thinking about if I should still buy myself a physical copy or not. :S I really liked Pivot Point and Split Second as well. I’m reading Vivian Divine is Dead now! :D Ugh, I wish I could read 15 books a month. I think I read 10 though, so I’m getting closer. :)

    I’m glad it was a good month for you :D

  5. You had a great reading month, and month in general, well done!
    I’m so jealous you’ve gotten to read On The Fence, I need that book! I seriously need to read Pivot Point too. I love your new feature Novel Portraits, it’s always really pretty :D
    Here’s to a good March Hazel! :)

  6. Y’know, I started with 80 books this year because I never seem to get to 100 and ever since January I’m always at least four ahead. I feel weird. But I know if I change it to 100, I’d suck. =P Ha ha. I planned on reading more in February but only got to read eight because I got all busy.

    And now it’s March 5th and I haven’t read any this month. Sigh. I do have a few ARCs to get to and then I also have to binge-read some series. However, I’ll be free soon.

    Good luck on your finals this month.

    Love-A-Thon was awesome and I’m looking forward to The Winner’s Curse and reading Panic as well as Side Effects May Vary. I read The Last Best Kiss as I was in the mood for a light read and it delivered.

    Also, Split Second is SO GOOD. I can’t even. Eeep. =D

  7. I’m definitely looking forward to the release of Maybe Someday. I even pre-ordered it already. Ask Again Later also looks really good so I hope I can read that one in the future. :D
    A Gatsby-themed party sounds so cool. I would love to go to bookish parties. :P
    I’ve only read 1 out of the 15 books you read this month, but I wish I could have read most of them! I want them badly. You’re so lucky!

    Oh, and good luck with your schoolwork. :)

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