Reviews are arranged by author’s last name.


Admans, Jaimie – Not Pretty Enough
Augustine, L.M. – Click To Subscribe


Bardugo, Leigh – The Grisha Series
Bourne, Holly – The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting


Carmack, Cora – All Lined Up
Carmack, Cora – Finding It
Cho, Ciye – Rory
Clare, Cassandra – The Infernal Devices (Manga)
Constantine, Robin – The Promise Of Amazing
Cook, Kristi – Magnolia
Cook, Trish – A Really Awesome Mess
Coriell, Shelley – Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe
Cotugno, Katie – How To Love
Crandell, Bethany – Summer On The Short Bus
Cross, Julie – Letters To Nowhere
Cross, Julie – Whatever Life Throws At You
Crowley, Cath – Graffiti Moon
Czukas, Liz – Ask Again Later


Dalton, Michelle – Pulled Under
Darling, Tellulah – Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide To Getting Girls
Dawn, Nyrae – Charade
Dawn, Nyrae – Facade
Dawn, Nyrae – Searching For Beautiful
Dellaira, Ava – Love Letters To The Dead
Dessen, Sarah – The Moon And More
Duggan, C.J. – That One Summer


Echols, Jennifer – Biggest Flirts
Eulberg, Elizabeth – Better Off Friends
Elkeles, Simone – Wild Cards
Elkins, Sabrina – Stir Me Up


Fama, Elizabeth – Plus One
Forman, Gayle – Just One Year
Ferrera, Mila – Everything Between Us
Fiore, Kelly – Just Like The Movies
Fletcher, Erin – Where You’ll Find Me
Flood, C.J. – Infinite Sky


Godwin, Nikki – American Girl On Saturn
Gray, Mila – Come Back To Me
Guertin, Chantel – The Rule Of Thirds


Hagen, Bethany – Landry Park
Hall, Sandy – A Little Something Different
Halpern, Julie – The F- It List
Harbison, Paige – Anything To Have You
Haydu, Corey Ann – OCD Love Story
Heasley, Gwendolyn – Don’t Call Me Baby
Hoover, Colleen – Finding Cinderella
Hoover, Colleen – Hopeless
Hoover, Colleen – Losing Hope
Hoover, Colleen – Maybe Someday
Hubbard, Kirsten – Wanderlove



Johnson, Elana – Elevated


Keil, Melissa – Life In Outer Space
Kenneally, Miranda – Breathe, Annie, Breathe
Kenneally, Miranda – Things I Can’t Forget
Kenneally, Miranda – Racing Savannah
Kopans, LeighAnn – Solving For Ex


Lake, Nick – Hostage Three
LaZebnik, Claire – The Last Best Kiss
Leavitt, Lindsey – The Chapel Wars
Lee, Christina – All Of You
Lee, Christina – Before You Break


Mack, Crystal – The Pentrals
Macke, Kelsey – Damsel Distressed
Mafi, Tahereh – Ignite Me
Martin, Tracey – Another Little Piece Of My Heart
Matson, Morgan – Second Chance Summer
Matson, Morgan – Since You’ve Been Gone
McGarry, Katie – Crash Into You
McGuire, Jamie – Beautiful Disaster
McKellar, Lauren K. – Finding Home
McVoy, Terra Elan – Being Friends With Boys
Mellom, Robin – Ditched
Millay, Katja – The Sea Of Tranquility
Morrill, Lauren – Meant To Be
Myracle, Lauren – The Infinite Moment Of Us


Neal, Bethany – My Last Kiss
Nelson, Jandy – The Sky Is Everywhere
Norris, Shana – The Rules Of You And Me


O’Neil, Christine – CHAOS


Palmer, Robin – The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet
Paolo, Theresa – (Never) Again
Paradis, Lily – Ignite



Redmerski, J.A. – The Edge Of Never
Rosenberg, Madelyn & Crockett, Mary – Dream Boy
Rossi, Veronica – Under The Never Sky
Rossi, Veronica – Through The Ever Night
Rossi, Veronica – Into The Still Blue


Sabel, Lauren – Vivian Divine Is Dead
Schneider, Robyn – The Beginning Of Everything
Scott, Elizabeth – Heartbeat
Seymour,  Ingrid – The Guys Are Props Club
Siegel, Philip – The Break-Up Artist
Smith, Jennifer E. – The Geography Of You And Me
Stanton, Angie – Royally Lost
Stevens, Courtney C. – Faking Normal
Stone, Juliana – Boys Like You


Tejano, Ana – Fall Like Rain




West, Kasie – On The Fence
West, Kasie – Pivot Point
West, Kasie – Split Second
White, Kiersten – The Chaos Of Stars



York, Robin – Deeper


Zhang, Amy – Falling Into Place

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